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New Video Series on YouTube - Roger@kainkalabs - 11-20-2015

We have started a new video-series on YouTube about what every maker should have in his lab

While David L. Jones from the EEVBlog is more into the High-End stuff and test-gear, we will go in the opposite direction.
After some decades of tinkering as an hobbyist with electronics there is a lot of stuff I have tried, refused, adopted or built for my personal electronics lab and for our little company.

What has turned out to be useful and affordable from an electronic-hobbyists budget will be presented piece by piece.
It will be not only classical tools for the lab but also measurement and test-gear that you either can´t buy or which is way too expensive to buy.
Most of the presented gear will be made available in our shop, mostly in the lab-supply section
If there is enough interest in some of my special test-gear we will try to make a commercial product out of them.

Anyway the circuit-diagrams and source-code (in case of microcontroller-projects) will always be published because we are devoted to the open-source idea.

But what´s most important is your help.
There are so many alternatives and additions to the products that I tried out, that we are very thankful if you could share your experience.



RE: New Video Series on YouTube - rowaves - 12-10-2021

Many congratulations for the channel an for the work! I just subscribed ! Looking forward for new videos and your great content!
Andrei @ roWaves Technologies