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The Modul-Lino/Arduino 1284P development-system - Roger@kainkalabs - 11-20-2015

We recently published our first video about our Modul-Lino development-system.
It is Arduino-compatible but has the powerful ATMega 1284P instead of the ATMega 328P in the Arduino Uno.
It is very versatile because componets like the controller, the quartz-crystal or the LCD can be exchanged and it has the most useful periphery onboard (LCD, LEDs, pushbuttons, a trimpot, a breadboard-area etc.)

What makes it quite unique are the 4 independet ways of getting your program/sketch/hex-file into the controller:

1.) Over USB with the Arduino-IDE 

2.) Over USB with a free software of our own that can also program the Arduino-bootloader and burn the fuses of a blank controller!

3.) Over the standard 6-pin ISP-header with an external programmer

4.) Over a standard serial COM-Port with the Arduino-bootloader

In the 2 or 3-part video-series we will at the end present one or two projects that were either developed with the Modul-Lino (or it´s cousin the ES-M32) or are in an advanced state of development.

Enjoy, comment or critisize