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YouTube playlist for our Tube Experimental Kits and Tube-Tutorials
We recently started a new video-series centered on the RT100 Tube Experimental-Kit.

There will also be introductory videos for tube-newbees (as I still call myself) and side-issues like tube-selection, tube curve-testers etc.

We will go step by step through the experiments in the freely downloadable manual to the RT100.

One video will be about our other (cheaper) more simple tube experimental kits.
But if you want to know my advice: 
The RT100 is our premium product and from a value-for-money or versatility or aesthetics-viewpoint nothing beats the RT100. So don´t waste your time and money with the other kits if you have a serious interest to start with the tube-hobby.

If you don´t already know: The emphasis in all our tube-kits is the safe low-voltage operation of tubes that are usually operating in the hundreds of volts range.

Originally all experiments were centered on a single 12V supply although the RT100 baseboard is safe for up to 60 volts.
We recently added a small 48V-DC wall-wart adapter to get better results from the tube-experiments and to minimize tolerance-effects in the tubes.

Currently we are working on a universal power-supply filter to suppress any RFI/EMI-emissions from the now abundant switchmode power-supplies. We will document our progress with that also with one or two videos on the above mentioned YouTube-channel/playlist.
In case we succeed we will make it commercially available in the power-supply section in our shop, where you also can find alternatives to powering our tube-experimental kits.
Just look it up from time to time or follow our YouTube channel to get informed.

And for the future we plan a kind of "deluxe-expansion-kit" for the RT100 where we want to supply some additional componets like a pair of power-pentodes etc. for advanced projects.
For that purpose we will present an additional manual for the new "advanced" experiments.

ATM we are still open for suggestions which parts/components we shall put together for that kit and where the emphasis for the new experiments shall be (Stereo-Amplifier, AM-/FM-Radios...)


from the Kainkalabs-Vault
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