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Some additional info to our RIST and RIEW-Videos

  1. What is the difference between the RIST and the RIEW?

    The RIST and RIEW are the same product. The difference is that the RIST ("Relais Interface Steuergerät") is the base unit with the special cable that connects it to a standard DB9 Serial COM-port plug.
    The RIEW ("Relais Interface Erweiterung") has instead of that the RIST-Interconnection cable to use it as a cascaded device. 
    So for a cascade of n Relais-Interfaces you need 1 RIST and (n-1) RIEWs.
  2. What else do I need to operate the RIST/RIEW?

    You need a 12V-DC Power supply. Preferably you use a 12V fixed voltage wall-adapter with a standard 2.1mm/5.5mm plug with sping contacts for enhanced reliablility like this one.
    We also provide wall-dapters with interchangeable mains-plugs for US- ,UK- and Australian mains-sockets.
    If you can´t find them in our online-shop, please ask for details.

    Furthermore you need a free COM-port on your PC/Laptop. If you have a "modern" PC with apparently no more COM-port on your back-panel, look first of all into the handbook of your mainboard.
    Often there is still a header for a fully functional COM-port on the mainboard.
    Then you only need a cable from that header to a standard DB9-plug. These can be bought for a few euros at Ebay or other online-dealers.
    Remember to activate the COM-port in BIOS!

    The second best solution is a so called USB-Serial-Adapter (like the ADAPUSBCOM in our shop)
    Because the RIST only uses the TxD-Line every type of USB-Serial-adapters should do.

  3. How can I order from outside the EU?

    The simple way: Simply go tour Online-Shop and place the items in the shopping-cart. Then click on the shopping-cart symbol with the british flag and select as method of payment "PayPal or cash in advance for customers outside the EU"
    In your adress you have to use "Switzerland" as country because then the 19%VAT is automatically subtracted.
    Leave us a note in the comments about your real country.
    You then get an email with a confirmation of your order and the payment instructions.
    But wait until you get a second, personalized confirmation about the final price.
    We try to send your order as registered mail where the shipping costs are reasonably moderate.
    But if we have to send your order as a package via DHL it becomes considerably more expensive.
    Anyway shipping is free if the gross total of your order is 250 Euros or higher.

    The other way: just send an email to info@ak-modul-bus.de with your desired items and your shipping destination.
    You then will get an offer with the final price and order instructions.

  4. Where do I find the documentation in English?

    We will translate and update all available documents piece by piece. You can find the latest versions here
    If you have a good knowledge of technical German and English and are willing to help us in translating please contact us.
from the Kainkalabs-Vault
A division of AK Modul-Bus

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