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How to order?
If you are from the EU or Switzerland you can directly order from our online-shop at --> Shop

If you are from outside the EU proceed as follows:

1.) Put your articles into the shopping cart.

2.) Then click on the shopping-cart symbol with the british flag (if you prefer English over German text) and select as method of payment "PayPal or cash in advance for customers outside the EU"

In the adress-field you should use "Switzerland" as country because then the 19% German VAT is automatically subtracted inyour order-confirmation email.

Leave us a note in the comments about your "real" country.

3.) You then immediately get an automatically generated email with a confirmation of your order and the payment instructions.
(If you don´t get  it after a few minutes first look into your spam-folder. If  it´s not there please check if you mistyped your email-adress). 
In this email the shipping costs are automatically set to 10 Euros net (= 12 Euros including VAT) for countries outside the EU.
In case all the goods fit into a package that can still be sent as registered mail this will usually be the final shipping costs.

4.) Wait until you get a second, personalized confirmation about the final price (usually in the next 24 hours of the next working day).
We try to send your order as registered mail where the shipping costs are reasonably moderate and where you get a tracking ID.
But be aware that mail is quite slow depending on the countries the mail is traversing.

If we have to send your order as a package via DHL due to the size it becomes a bit more expensive.

Anyway shipping is always free if the gross total of your order is 250 Euros or higher.

The alternative way: just send an email to info@ak-modul-bus.de with your desired items and your shipping destination.
You then will get a personalized offer with the final price and order instructions.

from the Kainkalabs-Vault
A division of AK Modul-Bus

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